“#1 Learn to appreciate. Don’t let ego take over you!”

Never let go a good deed unnoticed, at least appreciate to keep them motivated.

Einstein said “speed is relative“, but in my opinion our universe is programmed in such a way that everything becomes relative to something. You will never know what true happiness is until you feel miserable. There is no point in talking about success if you have never experienced failure. It is good to desire more in life to dream big, but if you want to make your dream come true, then you need to begin with the assets you already possess and this is not possible unless you acknowledge and appreciate those special gifts.

“My life is not perfect but at least I am still alive to make the most out of it.”

Today’s youth often complaint about how annoying their parents are, because they have never been in the shoes of a kid who was not lucky enough to be pampered his/her parents.

Well its never too late, from this juncture appreciate everything and everyone, look upon every experience you’ve had till now and everyone who’s ever played a role in your life. Greet them, as have been sent to you for your benefit. In this universe which was created by a divine organizing intelligence there are simply no accidents.

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